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Hairspray, my mama told me not to use it!


As a woman I feel I’ve been blessed with many, many things. These things involve fine, lifeless grease ball hair that looks crap at the best of times, as well as over-styled, over-processed with dry ends the rest. Add adult acne, the beginnings of crows-feet, dark circles and pigmentation into the fold, and you can see why I have a queue round the block of eligible bachelors clamouring to get to my front door. Full blown knock-out ladies! I’m a total beaut. 

Anyway, before I digress massively, desperately trying to improve my hair’s condition I’ve used everything from Michael Van Clarke 3 More Inches, Hairfix, Moroccan Oil and Kérastase, to a concoction of vitamins to encourage mop growth.  All of course lovely, but a killer on your bank balance.  Having regular haircuts and trying but failing to heat style less, I still have rubbish hair.

So, after cheating on my hairdresser with another, I was yet again told off for washing my hair every day and informed of the benefits of dry shampooing.  I have tried this before, but never really got on with it. Plus being a bit over dramatic, I genuinely believed the world would implode and everyone would think I was a total dirt bag if my hair wasn’t Aussie fresh every day. Poor, poor hair!! But, after ‘yeah, yeah’ ing, I figured how bad could it really be? Combining this with an article I’d read about conditioning fine hair before shampooing as this is less likely to make hair as greasy, I decided all hairdressers/stylists across the land couldn’t be talking total pish. So why not?

Heeding wise words, I’m just over a month into washing my hair every other day (conditioning first) and dry shampooing in between. And you know what, I haven’t died! Funny that.  I even proudly declared one Monday at work that I hadn’t washed my hair since Saturday morning. Like anyone cared? I’m such a loser.

Using Batiste Dry Shampoo for Brunette Hair (a hint of colour medium and brunette to be precise) and not smelling like talcum powder, not only does my hair feel better it looks thicker and isn’t as much of a douchebag about holding a style. Only taking me 15 years to do as I’m told, and even though my hair still looks about 90, hopefully after a few months I’ll be able to get some kind of condition back without cutting it too drastically. 

Dry Shampoo

So for those of you, like me, terrified at the prospect of not being able to wash your hair every day, honestly use dry shampoo.  I promise you won’t look like a skank, and your hair will love you for it. I’m pretty proud I gave it a go and got rid of some OCD, and I compel you to do the same.

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