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Like Lucy Pretty I have fine hair. Unlike Lucy mine is also straight. As in poker straight – no kinks, no bends, no volume. At all.

I was one of the few people who never bought into the GHD trend of the early ‘noughties, because all I have to do to make mine look like a flat sheet that sticks flat to my scalp is wash it.

My teen dreams consisted of an airbrushed version of myself; with naturally lustrous, thick waves. My dream became grown up girl visions of hair that did anything that wasn’t just hanging there like wet spaghetti.

give me the beautiful hair my precious......


Not a picture of Kate Middleton has gone by without me sighing with a serious case of hair envy, whilst being fully aware that especially if it rains I look more Gollum then glossy and glam. Ageing, with its natural drying of ends is beginning to make the issue worse and I have spent more than a few hours of work-shy procrastination looking for fake bits I can just stick in. Hey, if it’s good enough for Joan Collins, another fine and wispy lady, then I can roll with a bouffant wig every now and then.

Rollers, heated brushes that promise big bits and simply cause the sort of tangles requiring a comb and a deft pair of scissors, volumising liquids, talc, dry shampoo, backcombing, mousse, gel, spray, industrial strength super-glue (ok that is a lie but you get the picture), over the years I have used all of them and not one of them led to more than a passing bend at the root, subsequently disappearing with the merest puff of a breeze.

I scour magazines, blogs and adverts looking for the new must-have hair product to encourage any sort of lasting volume at all. My hair-care kit is entirely full of the latest, greatest product, usually discarded after one or two attempts when they let down not only my floppy, lank locks but also my embittered soul.

Until now.

Roll out the carpet and let the flags fly my fellow fine-locked ladies because a product has been released that actually works. Not just works as in ‘five minutes ago I looked great’, not ‘works when the weather is ok’ and not ‘works until I hit the dancefloor, instantly turning back into a crone’. Nope, nope and nope. I have found a series of products that gives natural, lasting volume, without stickiness or backcombing and it lasts until the next time you wash your hair. Even better it is CHEAP.

Enter John Frieda’s Luxurious Volume line. A range of products aimed at those looking for a salon-blow dry effect, I bought the Shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair and the wonder-product, Fine to Full Blow-out Spray. Let me say it again. This stuff works.

I got caught in the rain, went out for the night, scraped it up, clawed my hands through it with stress and didn’t brush it for hours and my hair still looked nice. This isn’t just a good product, frankly it is a miracle. When I used the stylist tip of waiting till the hair was almost fully dry then spritzing a bit more onto the roots I had the sort of lift Dolly Parton looks for and I LOVE it.


The range promises a ‘salon-quality blow-dry’ and it more than the delivers. The straight haired girl’s equivalent of a Brazilian blow-out – I urge you to add this to your kit right away – you definitely won’t regret it.


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