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Neat Nails In No Time? Deal with Dirty Digits!

In the context of a ‘finished’ look, I notice nothing quicker then elegant, well polished nails. In the context of my own look, I hide filthy, broken pegs behind my back. I know that if well maintained hands are vital for giving the right impression, I am almost certainly rocking a more ‘trampy-layabout’ vibe. Pete Doherty would consider my nails unseemly – they really are that bad.

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I find it mortifying but they just take so long to do. Like any true gardener I like to weed, dig and plant without gloves so I have perennial black streaks and calluses. I barely get time to wash my face and scrape my hair back of a morning before the kids come a-calling, so forget tidy ups and if I try getting time to polish my nails I almost always end up smudging them. Or chipping them. Or generally giving up at two nails because I can’t be arsed.

I have tried bio gels. I loved the look of them and spent happy hours waving my hands expressively (read as ‘like a loon’), enjoying the freedom of not having hands like a recalcitrant six year old boy.   Six months in and my formerly strong, naturally long nails were frankly buggered. Thin, bendy and bloody sore forcing me to give up. Plus it costs a fortune to maintain and takes hours of sitting – money and time are two resources it takes a rare mother to find regularly.

And therein lays the heart of my dilemma. Do I spend hours, faff about and refuse to dig any more in the pursuit of the perfect pinkie? Or do I just accept my slovenly ways and hope that the people who meet me look beyond my distinct lack of finesse?

Answer: Find a middle ground.

So as the blog develops I shall introduce any tips, tricks or miracle products I find that I love and share with you. I look forward to a slightly less grimy future any day now.

First up:

Elegant Touch Rapid Dry for Nails:

When I was younger, the best way to ‘allegedly’ dry nails quickly was to plunge them into ice-cold water. This never worked for me and simply left nasty marks and smudges, not to mention hypothermic-blue digits.

A manicurist friend recently introduced me to Rapid Dry as her cure to all those women refusing tips on the grounds that they couldn’t get into their purses without wrecking their Mani’s and I have since not painted my nails without it. All you do is paint your nails, spray for a few seconds, leave for a minute et voila. Nice, touchable nails in an instant


My nails passed the ‘need a wee and wearing jeans’ test after about 5 minutes. I can actually get a couple of coats on, spray and go in ten minutes, about the same length of time my kids can be persuaded to leave me alone for - no more excuses there then!

As an added benefit Rapid Dry contains Vitamin E, which is great for the cuticles and leaves a nice shine on the nail that lasts quite some time. No more nasty smudges, blowing or waving hands about like a loon. Result!


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