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Busy? No Time for Faffing? You NEED this Eyeshadow Palette!

As all make-up lovers know, everyone has their favourite products. That one palette or kit that we use over and over; our best friend on busy mornings and work nights out. The lipstick that even when you are knackered never fails to give you a lift, the bronzer that hides the evidence of the 2 am bedtime despite a six am start the next morning.


One of the loveliest things about being a beauty addict, is that feeling of finding a new favourite. I test so much, from so many brands that every now and then I get a bit hypercritical and jaded. When I find something I truly adore, it stays close to me forever.

And so it is with the Louise Young range of cosmetics, in particular her eyeshadow palette in LY502 There is a big buzz around this range at the mo, with a number of prominent bloggers referencing her brushes and the hype is very well deserved indeed. 

I first came across Louise herself a few years ago, when she was doing an Anti-ageing chat at the IMATS. Louise is a seriously experienced, well known make-up artist and has been for twenty years. Chances are if you have taken a Btec, HND or in Media Make-up, you studied her work but she is entirely devoid of airs and graces. Engaging and funny, yet decidedly humble, I loved her very clear approach to makeup. No bullshit, no pretend magic, just great, easy to replicate tips. I loved her even more when I tried her advice and got my twenty nine year old ass I.D’d. WHOOP.

Two years later when I returned, I was disappointed to find she was speaking again, but wandering the aisles, delight of all delight, I discovered she had launched a range herself. LY502 was the first product to jump out at me, but the sale was made by Louise herself. The show was packed but she happily spend half an hour chatting about the range, and makeup with me, gave me a discount and was generally as charming as can be.

So you can understand why I really wanted to like this product. Fortunately for me it is bloody easy to love – to the extent where I would call it THE must-have eye-shadow kit for professional women. I know about the nude palette everyone covets but this is the perfect hand bag kit. The peach, brown and beige shades are a warm, natural coupling for office and day; the deep blue and rich brown make a delicious transition to night.

For skin that isn’t as taut as it once was (i.e. mine) the shadows are a godsend. Smooth and easy to apply, the payoff is great without being scary and the pigment held for five hours unbudged – perfect for busy professionals who want to look great and cannot afford to be running to the lav every ten minutes.

BUSY WOMAN BEAUTY TIP: If you have a few minutes to put your make-up on and cannot afford to add complex regimes and products into your look, try just dabbing either the white or beige into the inner corner of the eye nearest the nose (not too close though, watch the tear ducts). It is a work of seconds but will wake your face up instantly!


I loved this palette so much, I gave it the ultimate compliment any woman or artist can give her shadows. I used it for my wedding make-up, knowing that it was the one kit I could rely on come shaky hands, tears, a sleepness night before and long night ahead. Thanks Louise for creating a kit that made me look and feel great on the best day of my life!!


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