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Forget Your Troubles, Come on Get....Bathy!!!

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Nothing and I do mean NOTHING makes me happier than a good bath. Yes I know all of the arguments about sitting in your own filth. I care not. Hot water (made hotter at regular intervals by the judicious twisting of the hot tap with a big toe – my kids call it ‘mummy soup’ and with good reason), some lovely bubbles, a glass of Prosecco and a book is truly my idea of utter bliss.

Despite that I normally don’t get particularly excited about bubble bath solutions (or bath elixirs, bath soaks or any other wanky term the industry comes up with to essentially describe the same thing).

Until now.

I recently ordered the rather fabulous Latest in Beauty ‘Dream Box’. The result of a collaboration between LIB and the eminently knowledgeable (and so refreshingly bullshit free) British Beauty Blogger, this gem of a sample box sent every other box on the market ducking for cover with its utter wondrousness. Including full size product from Too Faced, Benefit, Essie and a host of other seriously luxe brands, the day it arrived was a day of much excitement indeed.

Alas, in this as in all areas of life, when you get a large number of really gorgeous beauty goodies, you expect one or two bits to just be a bit ‘meh’. For me, this was the seemingly piddly, boring bubble bath. I stuck it to one side whilst I continued my pig-out at the cosmetic trough of joy and promptly forgot about it.

Fate stepped in when the very next day I discovered that my delightful four year old had once again upended the contents of every bottle of bath foam in the house into his puddle sized bath (yes I supervise him, no I don’t know how he does it). Stuck with no other option, I grabbed my Kneipp ‘Enjoy Life Bath’ and as instructed added a capful at the end, mixed.....and was thoroughly proven wrong in my assessment of it as boring and non-descript. It is, in fact the Rolls Royce of bath soaks, disguised as a 1980’s Volkswagen. Looks trusty, reliable and entirely dull. Smells like luxury. And lemons and something almost indefinable...oh yes, it smells like a very good mood, which is good as that is exactly what it promises.

Because I loved the smell, and the feel of it so much, I cravenly clung to the bottle – it is so small that I was sure two baths later and I would be out. Again, wrong. This stuff really lasts. The box says to use a cap, actually I would say half – the essential oils are in such high concentration that more than that could be overwhelming. What you see in the pic here is the result of five baths later. Kneipp promises ten but I can see this being around for a while longer than that. Given that historically I can go through a litre of cheap crap in a couple of days, the sheer value it represents makes this product stand out all by itself.

As someone who works in the Organic Beauty space for much of her career, I also checked the ingredients with my super-knowledgeable boss who assured me that there was nothing in there nasty or bad and it really is a product made with natural, skin-kind ingredients that also happen to be clinically tested. The Germans don’t just make great cars. Apparently they also do really, really effective bath soaks. It may look a bit ‘Nana’s foot remedy’ but I promise you, in this case, happiness really does come in humble boxes.


A massive go for it. After all, if life hands you lemons....go get in a bath! Kneipp Enjoy Life May Chang and Lemon Bath Oil is available here from £7.95

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