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Home is Where the Heartwood Is

Whilst the web has allowed us to source unusual beauty items at the best possible cost, it can blind us to the hidden jewels located just on our doorsteps.  Beauty and lifestyle products made by smaller companies without massive SEO and PR budgets and Artisan creators of items that you won’t find a review of on every blog out there, because they are under the radar – and all the more special for it.

heartwood candle company

I had the lovely experience of unearthing such a treasure very recently, when I met the fabulous Laura Dannan, co-founder alongside Dominique Cook of The Heartwood Candle Company, at a local county show and discovered they are based just a couple of miles away, in Hertfordshire. I had long admired their pretty, natural candles from afar via Twitter, however I had no idea at all that they were based so close to me.  

We had a great chat and I learned that Heartwood are a growing organisation, based in St Albans, near to where I live and work. Their commitment is to creating pure, eco-friendly candles. That could be a bit dull if it weren’t for the fact that their candles are simply beautiful. They look gorgeous and in a tent full of lovely wares, Heartwood stood out for their classy (beautifully scented) display.

After spending considerably longer sniffing their (lush) smelling candles, I opted for the divine Cedarwood, May Chang and Katafray candle, £18.

Even un-lit this candle smells pleasant but when lit it really comes into its own. The fragrance is fresh, clean and a little spicy, filling my room and house with a pure, but not overpowering fragrance. Less artificial then a Yankee candle, but still offering a good fragrance, the only way I can describe how my house smells using this is like a really high-end spa or salon. That luxurious, relaxing fragrance that suggests attention to detail and pure ingredients – I love it.

The candle burns clean – so no black smoke and you do need to be careful how you use it. As explained to me by the lovely Laura if you get one, light it for a couple of hours the first time you use it. This is to do with wax memory – if you don’t get a pool of wax that fills the jar at the top the first time and only create a small puddle in the wax, your candle will burn unevenly for the rest of its waxy life.

The nicest thing about this product for me is not just that it is a very lovely product, but that I had a chance to meet the people behind the brand, creating the sort of emotional connection that you don’t get on twitter, or through a media recommendation. I highly recommend that you follow them on Facebook or Twitter and really do consider getting one – you won’t regret it at all!


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