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Summer Skies in a Bottle

I have spoken before about my desire for nice nails (see my dirty digits post here). Something I didn’t mention is that I am really rather handy with an emery board and cuticle pliers – which rather makes my slovenly approach to hand care seem even worse!

Fortunately I have found nothing nicer to motivate you to look after your nails then a gorgeous nail polish and Fashion Playground, from mid-priced style brand ‘Essie’ definitely fits the description.

A rich, egg-shell blue colour (it looks pistachio in the bottle but definitely comes up brighter on), it screams ‘summer’ and is one of those polishes that you simply cannot staring at (hence a number of near misses in the car today as my magpie eyes kept flashing to my pinkies and not the road ahead).

In terms of application, it isn’t the easiest to get right. You need at least three coats to get full coverage and you cannot overwork the polish, especially when wet. Essie provide a wide, shovel shaped brush to stick to the three stroke rule, one to the centre then one to either side and don’t reapply whilst still wet.

I finished off with a topcoat and cuticle oil – this isn’t the sort of colour you can skimp on.

Coats to cover: 3

Time to chip: first small chips appeared at 48 hours after swimming

Verdict: When the British summer invariably lets you down, and the skies are grey, Fashion Playground will bring you sunshine and seasides to get you through. Get it!

Essie nail polish in Fashion Playground, from £8.95

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