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The best Cleanser for Lazy Ladies and B(uzz)y Girls

I always find people who say they have a bedtime routine for their skin utterly fascinating. Really? My routine goes like this:

  •          Brush teeth
  •          Scrub
  •          Moisturise ever single inch of my anatomy
  •          Fall into bed in pants and drool (if I am lucky the manshape can be persuaded to stroke me like a  cat for an hour first, but by and large the end result is drooling. And snoring. Shush)

I love the idea of fragrant routine of a night; swanning around in a beautiful night gown, cleansing and priming, brushing and swooning into bed to sleep elegantly, like sleeping beauty. In my visions the people who do this also have gorgeous dressing tables and fabulous hair. I have a scruffy, overloaded desk and a ‘scrunchie.

Mornings are not much better. Two children are not conducive to the sort of skin-care regime that keeps Victoria Beckham and her ilk looking marvellous. I am more ‘slap on and run’. I do know women who manage better, but they all confess to getting up at 6.30 to achieve a look with more polish and I am just too lazy. I have tried everything, even sleep training to force myself up earlier but the siren call of my pillow always wins out over looking like a human being before 9 am.

Enter Bee Good Honey and Wild Water Mint 3-in-1 Cleansing Water. Before I discuss the sheer wondrousness of this highly effective cleanser I feel a need to make something very clear.

If you, like me, need a quick routine but unlike me are currently using wipes, either for babies or for your face PUT THEM DOWN RIGHT NOW AND NEVER, EVER USE THEM AGAIN.


They are packed with ‘nasties and are entirely useless at cleansing below the very surface of your face. They fail at encouraging the sort of skin-cell turnover that has to happen for your skin to look glowy and refreshed (especially important at night when skin regeneration occurs) and traces of their ingredients have been found in the skin FOUR WEEKS following use. If it leaves a residue for the best part of a month, your skin is very definitely not clean.

There is laziness and there is just wasting time. You may as well splash water on your face and leave it there.

Rant over, let’s resume our review.

Bee Good is a newer brand of skincare. Begun in 2008 by husband and wife beekeeping team, Simon and Caroline, the range began life at the pair’s kitchen table in Hampshire, being sold at markets around the area. Fast forward four years and it is rapidly becoming a bit of a cult brand for natural types.

Honey and Wild Water Mint 3-in-1 Cleansing Water (amazing name btw) is my personal favourite out of the range. Paraben, synthetic colour, mineral oil, silicon and SLES free, the water is natural and fresh smelling, so pretty perfect for the more sensitive amongst you.

The main thing though is that the cleanser is un-bee-lievably (see what I did there) effective at cleansing. Mascara – gone. Foundation – gone. The cotton wool pads are filthy following a few wipes with it and that is a very good thing.

It has a slightly astringent property and post-use my pores look refined and skin-tone is better, but unlike most toners, it is not drying at all. You do need to use a moisturiser subsequently but short of splashing your face with cold water, this cleanser is as pure as it gets!


My new skincare must have. Bee (I will stop with the puns now) lazy with impunity, secure in the knowledge that your cleanser is doing the work for you!

Price starts at £10 for 100ml. Buy Bee Good products here

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