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Chop or not to chop, that is the question?

Hair Cuts

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So I’ve been growing my hair FOREVER. Or at least that’s what I always say I’m doing. Gets a bit long, chop it off, grows and gets a bit long, chop it off. Round and round it goes and I’m never satisfied with whatever cut I have. I’ve had a crop (mistake), multiple bobs (all a mistake. Including a blonde one – this was the biggest mistake of them all.) Three fringes (mistake), what my sister likes to call a mullet (mistake) and how it is now i.e. boring and long (not a mistake, just shit!) Dying it shades of brown (mega adventurous), and kind of ombre but not (have highlights underneath instead of on top), the combination of this and heat styling has left me with split-ends from hell.


A definite call for action is required, and I’m having a serious hair dilemma. My hair muses in the past include Alexa Chung, Helena Christensen and Freja Erichsen. But Emma Stone’s long bob with a fat fringe has me twitching for a few inches off. (It’s practically an Alexa Chung do, I know. In fact all my hair loves have similar, I mean THE SAME vibe but hey-ho.)

I of course know from experience that my hair won’t do this. It’ll behave completely opposite, and be a total dick. My hair is so fine I’d literally have to start the fringe from the back of my head. Like a comb-over but not, and it would look wispy limp and rubbish. So has me back at the drawing board with a bunch of random screen grabs on my phone of fantasy hair.

Still trying to get my hair in better condition (I’ve stopped with conditioning first, as although that made my hair last longer between washes and seem thicker. It’s now just a dry manky mess, so I’m back to shampooing in the regular way and dry shampooing the in-between days.) To help with volume issues I used Elvive Fibrology Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner, and the Elvive Thickness Creation Double Serum for a while (probably a bad choice due to my incredible straw like texture. So sexy), and although it did make my hair feel thicker, it didn’t make it feel nice.

So now I’m using Garnier Ultimate Blends The Silky Smoother for mid-length hair with split ends, and I love it. Smelling amazing while leaving my hair as the name suggests, silky smooth. The Smoother 1 Minute Polishing Scrub is fantastic too. Still dry and looking poo come the second day, I’m hoping that once the mop is cut it’ll continue to do good.

Garnier Ultimate Blends

But all this doesn’t exactly help with what style cut I should go for. Thinking a shaved head would simply solve all my problems.

Talking to my flatmate about hair recently (she has the opposite problem in that hers just won’t grow), she peeked my interest in a treatment to have my split-ends burnt off like a Brazilian supermodel! No worries about the condition and trimmage this way. All a bit scary and highly unlikely I’d ever do it, Annabel Fenwick Elliott at the MailOnline says, “a candle - is used to singe off and 'cauterize' split ends, opening up the follicles to make hair more receptive to conditioning; all without taking anything off the length.”

Costing from $150-$200 a go, models like Barbara Fialho, Alessandra Ambrosio and Isabeli Fontana swear by it. So seeing as all Brazilian women are goddesses, I’m guessing they can’t be wrong.

Without means or madness to afford this wizardry myself, a hair appointment has been booked at my local salon for Thursday. So here’s to a nibble at the ends and no-one noticing it’s been cut!

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