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Oh, Oh, OH.....I'll Have What She is Having!

Who wants an Orgasm, like, right now? Head to NARS (That is Nars, not Mars for those of you not in though know, although the illumination powers of this product are out of this world, so the second would be appropriate).

Launched with a blush in 1999, and now including a whole line from lippie, to the multiple stick (multiple what we ask you?). The Orgasm line is world famous and beloved by artists and celebs alike for being the ultimate nude highlighter (so much so that I read here that the annual bulk of it sold equates to the weight of a Lamborghini).   I recently had the opportunity to pick up the fluid version, the Illuminator.

It looks like a very pretty acrylic paint, and is quite deep, so being honest, I was more than a bit nervous about putting this one on but I was stunned by the colour. Light, delicate flecks of pink, shot through with the subtlest gold and ripe peach go on the skin more like watercolour then the high pigment paint this tint first appears.

Fluid and feminine this colour is a dream for those with slightly darker skins – mine is mid-tan with blue undertones – what I am not sure about is how this looks on a paler skin. Beautiful if used carefully one would imagine, but not for all over, pick a lighter shade from the range.

My only concern with this is it is not the easiest product to use. You only need a very small amount to go a long way. My tips for using Orgasm Illuminator most effectively are:

  1.        Use a flat-topped foundation brush and buff it into the shoulders and collar bone – smoking hot on tan skin
  2.        Mix a small amount into your BB Cream or Moisture Tint – the light reflectors bounce off the surface of the skin leaving you looking fresher for longer and there doesn’t appear to be any wrinkle collection of product so it won’t sit in your creases or patches
  3.        Use instead of foundation – if your skin is darker, you can get away with more of this product. Conceal first (not after this time) and brush over forehead, cheekbones and down the central panel of the face. Keep it VERY light though.
  4.        Stroke a line down the centre of the shin – beautiful, shimmering, shapely legs in a second

A note of caution. I don’t love how this product works over foundation – it seems to leave tide marks, even when applied with a brush or sponge in the smallest of quantities so if you want a highlighter, rather than an illuminator pick up the ‘multiple’ version, which comes in a stick.


Great for a youthful glow, perfect for a glam gleam but not suitable for precision highlighting on older skins needing more coverage.

Get NARS Orgasm Illuminator here, from £22.50 for 30 ml

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