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He’s Blue, Da-be-dee, Da-be-doo, ba-da-ba.........

A bit of a quick one this, fun for a Friday. Each and every summer, since he was old enough to make a preference, my son has grown his hair, then at the very start of the school holidays has it shaved and cut into a (sort-of) Mohican. Last year I even allowed him to dye the tips with some very temporary colour that didn’t work at all, as a concession to nine-year-old edginess.

I do appreciate that some of the parents amongst you may think that allowing this sort of thing at his age is not appropriate, but my attitude is that provided he looks like I expect during term time – smart and presentable – during the holidays, which is his time, it is his choice within reason how he looks (no bleach, no piercings, nothing permanent).

This year, he decided that he deeply, desperately wanted blue hair. Not a little bit blue, not light blue. Smurf blue. So began the search for a dye that wouldn’t permanently dye his beautiful golden locks, but would be bright enough to satiate his need to look like a mini emo-goth.

As so many of you talk about wanting to try decent crazy colours and how difficult it is to find something intense that holds, I thought I would give what we found a shout!

La Riche Directions is a semi-permanent hair colour that comes in the craziest palette I have seen. From acid yellow, to deepest royal blue, to mauve to electric pink these colours are intense.

They come in a little pot of what looks like poster paint and you will need an old toothbrush or hair brush to brush the very thick paint into your hair. WEAR GLOVES. This colour transfers quickly and you will NOT get it off your hands easily (I went to a kids party looking for all the world hypothermic).   But it works. As in really works – even on un-bleached hair. Bright, deep in colour and lasting just long enough to make him happy, he and I are really chuffed!

I have only one other question – is thirty two just too old for some nice purple tips??

La Riche Directions Hair Dye is available on Amazon, from £3.59 per pot (just for god’s sake do NOT forget the gloves).

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