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Cameron Diaz, the Body Book: An Unexpected Inspiration

Hi. My name is Kirsty Lemare-North and at the ripe old age of thirty-two I am experiencing a phenomena known as ‘the girl crush’. On a Hollywood actress that before now, I could largely take or leave. I am talking about the sporty-angel herself, Cameron Diaz.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Diaz – her brand of self-effacing, cutesy humour makes me smile and unlike most celebrities she strikes me as someone you could probably be mates with. Notoriously outdoorsy, I admired that she admitted having a nose job at thirty after being gifted it by a friend when hers was repeatedly broken whilst surfing. Honest, real and a surfer chick. What’s not to love?

But I do loathe Hollywood beauty manuals in the main regardless of how well the purported author rocks a semen-gelled quiff. With that in mind, it may not surprise you to hear that I bought this book ultimately to glare with envy at pics of someone considerably genetically more blessed then me, but in true ‘jealous-bitch’ style, to pick it apart. Like most, I heard the stories about chapters on vaginal fuzz, tuna for breakfast and happy ‘cam in her nic’ pics and sharpened my literary knife in preparation of a good shredding.

So, it comes as quite the surprise to me that I simply can’t do that.

Regardless of the author, this is an excellent, informative and incredibly well researched book about health and nutrition, for modern women of all ages.

No recipes, no how-to’s, no bullshit. This book is scientific in its approach and backed up with numerous studies and quotes. Diaz wrote with a partner and between them they have thoroughly covered providing a solid education on all the topics you need to really look at the way you live your life, from your food and drink intake, to moving your body and how best to do it (and why), to personal hygiene and finally your emotional and mental state.

With all that covered in serious depth, it could so easily have become worthy or unreadable but Diaz has a light touch and her obvious, genuine passion for the subject shines through every page. You get the feeling that far from a quick money maker for the actress, this is something she honestly cares about, demonstrated with the many anecdotes about how and why she feels the way she does.

Diaz does risk straying into patronising once or twice (if you ever read this, no more ‘hey gurrlls, never ever – please?’) but in general, her honesty makes this book a fascinating and insightful read. She talks openly about her horrendous acne, which only finally cleared when she adopted a clean diet and also about her struggles with body image, as a straight up and down girl in what she views as a sexy, curvy world. She comes off as likeable, smart and decent - a fact backed up by the lack of coffee-table shots of the actress herself. There are just a few - the rest is work, words and insights.

Broken into three parts: Nutrition, Fitness and Mind, highlights include information on understanding food, proteins and carbs as well as grains and the right amount of water to take in plus some seriously unpleasant facts about fake-food. Her chapter on training right is excellent and the mind section is interesting, if slightly more committed then I can perhaps see myself being.


A healthy-regime must have. As someone who just kicked a nasty nicotine habit (following reading this book I would like to add) right now I needed a shot in the arm about converting to a healthier lifestyle and The Body Book gives it in spades. Honest, informative and written with real passion, whilst I don’t envision myself ever being as disciplined as the strictly clean-living, healthy Cameron is, I have bought many of her tips into my day to day life already (I ‘move’ much more regularly for a start which is making a huge difference to my emotional wellbeing) and I defy even the unhealthiest of you, not to find yourself putting down the burger, even once after devouring it.

The Body Book is available on Amazon from £8

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