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Get Yoga-Fit.....At Home (or your desk, the boyfriends or anywhere you want to, on your time)

I am making no secret of my current drive to get in better shape and tone up a bit and one of the ways I am doing that is with the ancient practise of Yoga.

Yoga is a bit of a special form of exercise. Great for mind as well as body, practising regularly can lead to better concentration, an improved sense of wellbeing and an increase in sexual desire (don’t tell my husband that though will you), not to mention the sort of toned, lithe body many of us would kill for (don't believe me?  Search Instagram. Now that there be some 'fitspiration'!).

As someone who has struggled with anxiety for most of her adult life, I love a good yoga session (Ashtanga being my discipline) to unwind, stretch my taught muscles and reconnect with my body again.

The issue for many with Yoga is that although the barrier for entry is low – you need nothing more than a mat to get started - it can be difficult to find the right type of yoga for you, lessons can be pricey and as a busy mum, I make no secret of just how hard it can be to fit a session at the gym in. If you are a single parent, are in a job with shifts or even if you just loathe working out with other people, it can be almost impossible to learn.

Enter the fabulous, fun and VERY inexpensive Yogaglo. Yogaglo is an online Yoga school, suitable for use on a PC, mobile or tablet (I stream mine through my TV). When you sign up, you will find 2000 yoga classes, for every level of practioner, from very beginner, to certified expert. New classes are added regularly and you can create a programme to follow or simply log in and go.

Not sure about which form Yoga is right for you? Each type is explained and the poses broken down simply and easily with workouts timed from 10 to 90 minutes to fit into your day. The videos are clear and simple to follow and largely non-annoying.

In an ideal world you would learn Yoga with an experienced teacher. It can be easy to get a pose wrong or slightly misaligned and a good teacher can get the most out of your body, but if that simply isn’t possible, I would definitely suggest Yogaglo as a great way to get started with a discipline that I found life changing!

YogaGlo starts from $18 (about £12) per month and you get 15 days free to give it a go. I do a workout roughly six times a month so each session costs £2 – not a bad rate for a great workout and an improved state of mind indeed!

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