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Relearn Your Look

If there is anything I truly believe in both life and lipstick, it is that you should never stop learning.

Our faces, fashions, product formulations and accepted wisdom all change with each passing year and it stands to reason that how you apply your face and style your hair should probably do the same.

I would go as far as to say that NOT to edit and tweak your makeup in an attempt to stay looking like you did at seventeen is probably the quickest way to ensure you look very far from seventeen.

To ensure you look your very best at any age, even a couple of simple tweaks and changes can make a massive difference, a fact I was reminded of this week when I had the pleasure of attending a three hour contouring and smoky-eye workshop at the Makeup London Academy.

Despite loving make-up for most of my life and having the benefit of advice and education from some of the very best names in the industry, not to mention a geeky passion for all things slap (hence this blog), I was very conscious of falling into a rut myself recently.

I had been through YouTube blogs and was utterly bored of seeing the same old cut-creases and contoured cheekbones, and even my heaving make-up cabinet couldn’t wake me up, so when a Wowcher offering a three hour session for less than it costs to fill up my car landed, I thought: “what have I got to lose?”

me minus contouring

And I was absolutely right. I attended yesterday afternoon and had the best time. Sitting in a room with three other women, all about the same age but with very different ideas of what they wanted to achieve, I forgot about being Mum, or Manager or Wife or Daughter. I was simply a woman playing with someone else’s sparkly makeup and having a blast learning a few new techniques.

We started with a bit of skincare advice, spent 45 minutes learning contouring then moved onto eye advice and not once in that time did I feel bored or irritated in the way I can get with so-called ‘expert’ Vloggers.

The years were dropping off with that alone, but add on some genuinely informative advice (and believe me I am not easy to impress) and by the end of the day I went from ‘can’t be arsed to apply lippie’ to ‘does emerald green and jewel purple work on me’? And I had cheekbones I could cut cheese on. Never a bad thing.

me post contour

Here is the thing. Even professionals with years of experience know that sometimes you need someone else’s eye to spot what yours can no longer see – namely your own features.

A friend can rarely be that person, desiring as they so often do not to offend so every now and then subjecting yourself to someone elses view, allowing them to tell you what they see and trying something different – even if you aren’t sure about it – is a very good way indeed to break a rut, freshen up your look and most importantly remind you that makeup, fashion and style are expressions of not just looking nice but fun. And that will definitely keep you youthful, regardless of the fine lines on your face.

Contact Makeup London Academy, classes start from £30 (and let me know if you are going down there – I am planning on doing a couple more classes myself – see you there!).

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