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Not another Halloween How To.....

(pick up a copy or view more work from this artist Elisanth on Shutterstock)


It goes without saying, particularly for anyone following us on Pinterest that we both love a bit of halloween.  For me, that means pumpkins, crap sweets and a face full of 'spooky' slap. I love, love, LOVE to experiment and play and am permanently inspired by seeing the work of other artists, bloggers and Youtubers. 

 This year though I started to feel a wee bit, well, intimidated is probably the right word. 

The very nature of blogging is visual and it is amazing to see so many of us push the envelope in terms of creative acheivement BUT there is also an element of surrealism creeping in - do we really expect that busy women at home, without our millions of brushes, product and skills or just less bloody time, will sit and painstakingly recreate our perfect day of the dead skulls and Maleficent impressions, no matter how fabulous they are?  And if not, is it not just a wee bit showy-off to post it anyway?

I just kind of wanted to remind those who maybe DONT feel confident, or even arsed to put that much effort in that the whole point of Halloween makeup is NOT to be perfect - just have some fun with it.   I realised I wasn't alone when I read Lucy's column.

With that in mind here is Lucy's homage to the masters and a tongue in cheek at what women (a.k.a sexy kitten Lucy) may ACTUALLY look like at Halloween this year.


Halloween, a time of trick-or-treating, carving pumpkins, apple bobbing, watching horror films to scare the bejesus out of yourself, and adult women dressing provocatively (major generalisation on that point, I know. But I’m not always entirely sure what a ‘sexy nurse’ or superhero has to do with the dead? However, it is scary in the sense you might witness what someone’s had for breakfast if you know what I mean. And I’m not going to lie; I’ve been a cheerleader and ‘zombie’ French maid before now).

Anyway, in terms of the world of beauty, I’m always amazed and sometimes completely freaked out by some of the creations that come out this time of year. This pinhead video from Youtuber Unlimited Elizabeth is definitely a contender for a favourite so far:

Falling in love with prosthetics at 11, Mrs Doubtfire was my catalyst in which I NEEDED to be a make-up artist. (Rick Baker, the artist on Maleficent, Men in Black, Star Wars, Hellboy, Planet of the Apes, The Grinch and many many more is a total God to me!) With my execution massively lacking by the time I learnt how, I’m constantly in awe of people’s creativity and skill in this area.

Wishing I had the patience, dexterity and talent, looking to have a go on a lesser scale my usual attempts look something like this.

However, knowing there’d be no-way of creating something as spectacular as the examples I’ve given, I attempted (all night!) to create the Angelina Jolie Maleficent look. Three go’s down I settled for the following (first, too strong. Second, pure crap. Third, meh I’m tired and my eyes hurt, you’ll do.)


(Kirsty's note - far to pretty damn you!!!)

Far too subtle and not in the slightest bit sinister, I think it’s pretty fair to say I’m incapable of producing anything remotely Halloweeny. Big fat fail. Ideally I should have used shade 1 of the Illamasqua Skin Base and contoured way harder from there, but alas I didn’t have any. Eyes too should have been darker and eyebrows far more arched.

A bit gutted at my utter uselessness, I feel that if all fails it’s about having a laugh anyway so knocked out this little number instead!

Hope you all have fun getting dressed up and whatever you do this Halloween weekend, get creative and have an amazing time.









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