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The Brows Have It

You would have to have lived under a rock to know that the last few years has seen a serious explosion in the importance of the brow.

Thanks to caterpillar queen Cara Delevigne it is de-rigeur to wear ‘em bold and the Pammie Anderson drag brow of the nineties is definitely dead (at least for now). No artist or fashionista worth her salt would be seen DEAD with a seriously sharp point and killer definition.

Whilst I agree that a well-shaped brow with a natural finish is the quickest way to shift five years off your face its bloody hard work and the current trend is dare I say it, not the most natural effect. In fact I strongly suspect that the ‘scouse brow will in time become this generations inner rim eyeliner. Something to look back in horror at in ten years.

So what do those of us who want a nice arch but have the challenges of kids hanging off our arses in the morning, or make-up application on public transport (or both) do to look polished, defined and a tad less terrifying? Enter Model Co More Brows Eyebrow Thickening Gel.

The quickest product I have ever used, this coloured fibre gel adds much needed definition for those with an over-plucking habit or natural thinning caused by ageing, without drowning your face with Gallagher-esque lines. Quick to use, just run through the brows, shape and then don’t touch for a few secs whilst it dries.

As always a slight note of caution – if you are fair haired a light touch is required. The first time I used it I went too far and ended up going a little Maleficent.   Less is very definitely more with this product.

Verdict: My favourite and most used products always appeal to my natural laziness first – and this product is an absolute winner for that. Not for the brow obsessive but definitely great for the time-poor and shaky-handed amongst us.

Model Co More Brows Eyebrow Thickening Gel is available here from £9.00

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