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I Saw the Northern Lights…..and They Were Lush!!!!

…Well not THOSE Northern Lights….but something just as ‘aaahhhhh’ worthy I promise!

One of my favourite ‘treat’ stops is Lush. The smell is amazing, the staff are always fantastic and I have never had a bad experience. Lush offer beauty for little and big girls alike and my inner seven year old does a happy dance whenever she is let off the leash for long enough to browse (and play – who can resist the soap demos!!).

A couple of times a month I get myself a bath ballistic or two and go a bit wild. By which I mean wine, candles and essential oils but at 32 this is as good as it gets.

Enter Lush’s beautiful limited edition Ballistic, The Northern Lights. Why is it called that you ask? Well along with a gorgeous purple fizzing exterior, when this little beauty hits the tub it releases a multitude of colours. Rich pink, deep purple, baby blue, sunny yellow and finally edible stars.

Yes, that was true. Silver, edible stars.

Made with 17 natural ingredients, the bomb smells pretty too – like parma violets. More subtle then some of the other bombs but actually for many that would be a good thing.

There is also undoubtedly something uber satisfying about a bath that is left barney purple in colour, but doesn’t dye the skin (there is that inner seven year old again!).

INGREDIENTS (this list links to the Lush Website):


This bomb is MENTALLY popular with the bloggers so get it quick before it goes……!! A perfect winter pretty pick-me-up.

Available at Lush £3.50

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