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Forget Resolutions – Give Up Guilt!

One week into 2015 the chances are many of you will have eaten a load of chocolate, despite throwing away enough to feed a third world country last week.

We all know that the first ‘proper’ Friday of the year (as in the one where you have been at work all week) isn’t complete without a large glass, or four, of Chablis. Even though there are at least 23 days till the end of the month, when you said you could drink again (but whose counting).

Just seven days ago you woke up promising yourself that THIS year was the one. The one you won’t renege on your dietary promises. The one you will be different. That’s, right. 2015 is the age of the new you. Right up till it isn’t.

wine glasses

wine wine everywhere - and BLOODY NONE FOR YOU

If this is you, don’t start feeling guilty or bad about it. Research suggests that the average person will last barely seven days on a resolution, and less than 8% of us will successfully stick to our goal.

There are lots of reasons put forward for this lack of failure, from unrealistic expectations of ourselves, to lack of support, discipline or education in reaching our goals. I tend to think it comes down to something simple.

The answer to the poor success rate is simply that if you are going to make a resolution, doing it on the day with the most pressure, when everyone’s expectation is that you will fall off the wagon and it is cold, dark and wet with months till the next bank holiday?

Not perhaps the ideal moment for major life change.


That isn’t to say that you can’t successfully make changes in your life. Just that there are better ways to go about it. Here are some ways to make it easier:

  1. Get Support: Trying to lose weight? Studies show that going to a weight loss club can lead to losses of twice as much as trying to go it alone. Smokers who attend a support group are up to four times more likely to stay on the wagon and we all know that running with a group of mates is a lot more fun then pounding the pavements in the cold solo. Being with others in the same boat makes a difficult experience more manageable.
  2. Start with the Past: What have you already tried? Make a list of what you have done and why it failed. These are the reasons your efforts will fail again if you don’t address them
  3. Forget negativity: I joined a little group called the Be Brave Initiative, to take part in their 30 day challenge. Each day we get a mini challenge – day one being post a pic of something you love. It sounds silly but taking just five minutes to look at the good in your life, no matter how hard it is, can give you a lift when you are feeling down. Learn more here.
  4. Be honest with yourself: It could well be that losing weight, or getting a new job will make a massive difference to your life, but it could also be that you are hugely focussed on that to avoid other issues, such as boredom or a lack of confidence, or worse at the expense of the little miracles in your day to day life. WHY do you want to change the element of your life that you do?
  5. Make a date to try again: January is shit. It is dark and cold are mardy as hell and only lunatics and Grinches love it. If you have fallen off the first hurdle don’t blame yourself, blame the month and pick a better one.
  6. Then plan, plan, plan: Read about other people who have achieved what you want to. Go through how you got it wrong this time, plan out how, who, what, where and why you want your goal and make a list of how you are going to get there.
  7. See yourself succeed: Every day set aside five minutes (I do it at bedtime) and see yourself living the life you want! Research shows that what we see in our minds, we experience in our lives.
  8. GO FOR IT: Like the old cliché suggests. The only real failures are the ones who never try. If something matters to you, you will do it. Just find the right way

Are you planning to have another go? Struggling with your resolutions. Hit us up on Facebook to share your pain and get some support!!

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