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Unless you haven’t turned on Twitter, Facebook, the telly, your radio or in fact left your house and are currently in hibernation (you lucky, lucky bugger) chances are you know full well that today is meant to be blue Monday.


Blue Monday, or *don’t get out of bed day, just don’t it really isn’t worth it* as we have coined it, is historically the day the post-festive lull really hits home.


Those bills you ran up, thinking you had ages before you think about? They are arriving. That tax return you haven’t started yet? Less than two weeks to go. Resolutions? Dead in the water. Pay day is literally MONTHS AWAY. NOW is definitely the time even the sunniest optimist starts to struggle with that smile.

If like me, you struggle with SAD disorder (yes it is a thing, no I am not ‘just a bit mardy’ that it’s cold) Blue Monday tends to translate as ‘utterly miserable for months Monday that really kicks off today’. Not fun.

Ultimately though, I am determined to tell myself that moods are all a state of mind and no matter how bad they CAN be beaten. Here are my favourite cheer yourself up tips to get through today.

1.       GET SOME LIGHT:

A lack of Vitamin D, created by the sun can be partially responsible for feeling pants today. If you can’t get outside, even for twenty minutes, or if feeling low at this time of year is a longer term thing for you, try a light box. I use mine early in the morning for a few hours a day and it can work wonders to pick yourself up.

SAD Light Box - 10,000 lux, £54.99



Take one pinterest board. Fill with images of sunshine, beaches, hot bodies and cool drinks. Close your eyes and for ten minutes visualise yourself in each scene……imagine the heat on your skin, the smell of the pool mingling with flowers……..the cabana boys delicious backside……ahem that is enough of that, you get the drift!


Just this morning I found the fabulous In Sonnets Kitchen blog, on which there is a beautiful recipe for a Carrot, Ginger and Lime juice. Packed with fresh ingredients and the loveliest colour (not sludge green like so many ‘healthy’ drinks) it is a tasty shot of energy in a glass!


It’s a lot easier said than done I know but it’s a day. In a month. In a year. There will be others. You will pay your bills, you will see the sun again. Perspective peeps. Get some.

And in the meantime


Take one stereo (ipod/phone/whatever),pick something whiney/happy/shouty/whatever floats your boat AND CRANK THAT SHIZZ UP. Dance around, jump on beds – get your freak on till the bad mood is done. All together now……..’baby I don’t care…….’

And finally

If none of that works get a duvet. Roll up in eat. Eat chocolate. It’ll be over soon enough, we promise.  

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