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My Little Energy Box (SPOILER ALERT)

my little energy box 1

So many of you loved reading about and trying the My Little Cosy Box, that I thought it would be fun to introduce you to Januarys little treasure trove of joy – the My Little Energy Box.

There is just one problem for me with this box (tragedy alert - get the finger violins ready peoples). The day after it arrived I damaged the ligaments in my knee by standing up.

My doctor assured a hyperventilating, panicked me that I am not so old that bits are breaking just by the simple act of rising, and the injury is almost certainly the result of some overzealous running practise, however it does mean that the beautiful fitness inspired nature of the box cannot be fully appreciated by me until February at the earliest.

As always the box starts with the illustration, this month two ladies getting their fit on and the magazine. I don’t think I focussed enough on the mag last time so I will make it clear.

The mag is easily good enough to stand alone and I would buy it without the goodies. This separates it hugely from its contempories which look nice but are basically filler filled rubbish. Contents include a beautifully drawn history of trainers (much more interesting than it sounds), quotes to hang above your desk and the My Little Box Workout Challenge (squats ahoy).

Along with that you get a gym bag. We aren’t talking designer label quality here but it is cute and sturdy enough to chuck my swim kit in, plus its waterproof so I won’t mind it getting dirty.

A cute little desk calendar is next, with custom illustrations perfect for my extremely small work space.

The beauty products are three full sized.

My Little Beauty Energising Mist: Containing citrus extracts, vitamin c and green tea this is a lovely little pick me up – good for post flight too one would imagine.

Talika Photo-Hydra Day Moisturiser: Pitched as the first cream to use energy from natural light, I have to be honest it sets my guff radar off a bit, but I am always prepared to give things a go. It certainly smells lovely.

Nails Inc Polish in Tate: Deep red doesn’t say fresh and new to me but it IS my favourite shade for a polish. Nails Inc. are a great brand so I am more than happy with this find.

my little energy box contents


It isn’t as gorge as the cosy box but it still outstrips the other boxes by MILES. It is the thought and attention that goes into these boxes that make them special. Who knows, I might be able to take advantage of the loveliness by March (sulk)….


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