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Peel off the Years for less than a tenner!

b revealed glyolic facial peel 1

What would you do if I told you that there was a high-street product available for less than a tenner that could genuinely make you look younger overnight?

Well, ta dahhhhhhhhh……here it is.

B.Revealed Glycolic Facial Peel should be an absolute must-have for any woman over 25. I have long been a devotee of Alpha-H, a brand that advocates this sort of peel, at a considerably higher cost and despaired of ever finding a suitable cleanser replacement that didn’t break my bank and here it is!

A cross somewhere between Alpha-H and Liz Earle’s cult Cleanse and Polish, the cleanser is a thick white lotion that you smooth on for up to 5 minutes then wipe off with the enclosed muslin cloth.

I don’t bother with that, I like my trusty flannel (more effective), but either way this stuff really cleans your skin.   It smells fresh and light and the tube is BIG so will last a good long while as well.


The first night I used it, I had little hope – most of the other brands using AHA’s (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) in their cleansing products are a bit of a waste, as Glycolic Acid (the AHA in question) needs to be absorbed into the skin to effectively dissolve the bonds that hold the dead skin making you look so old and tired together.

By the end of the week, with friends commenting on how fresh I look (younger friends I might add), I was sold.  

The beauty of this product is it works like a masque. You apply, leave and rinse and because it is very gentle, you can do this every night if you so wish. It doesn’t have the slightly uncomfortable tingle of many of its rival brands so I suspect that even slightly more sensitive skins then my rhino hide will be ok with it!

b revealed glycolic facial peel 3


Every year without fail I end up with dry crusty skin on my nose and chin. Not this year though. This year I look fresh and gently sheeny. At thirty-two no less. Given that it normally retails for £7.99 and is currently on offer at half price, I think it’s worth another night of beans on toast to start the year with a fresh new face. It is out of stock online though so you will need to head to a Superdrug store to pick yours up.

B. Revealed Gycolic Cleansing Peel, normally £7.99 available here

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