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Stressed? Get Your Big Girl Colour-in On!


Remember when you were five and the best present anyone could get you was a fresh new colouring book and a packet of shiny, perfect Crayola? Little could beat the happy hours whiled away shading and scribbling to your heart’s content.

Like all good things though we grew out of our colouring books and started applying our creativity to other, more useful endeavours (like our faces). Till now.

Believe it or not colouring in has become a major part of the no-stress movement. Popular since the turn of the century, when Carl Jung identified the relaxation potential of creativity, the activity is seeing a major resurgence thanks to none other than the oh-so-ahead-of-the-curve (and oh-so-medicated) French.

Everyone from Psychiatrists, to hippie-dippie spiritual gurus are advocating the power of letting your inner-seven-year-old loose. Don’t think you have time? Make it – according to psychologist Antoni Martínez, who advocates the practise in order to increases relaxation:

"We can use it to connect with how we feel, since depending on our mood we choose different colors or intensity. I myself have practiced that. I recommend it in a quiet environment, even with chill music. Let the colour and the lines flow."

colouring in book

Forget drawings of care bears and daisies though. Doing it big-girl-style means doing it with style.

Choose from French Publishers Hachette’s gorgeous 20-volume de-stress collection, called Art-Thérapie  or get your fan-gurl on with Mel Simone Elliots celebrity illustrations - Colour Me Good, the options for pictorial fun are pretty endless.


I bought the rather fabulous ‘My Wonderful World of Fashion’ by illustrator Nina Chakrabarti.  I don’t know about my inner child but my big girl heart positively dances every time my pencil touches the design-your-own Roger Vivier shoe page and if only I put as much effort into drawing a handbag to go with my dress, I would be way richer then I am right now.  The book includes page after page of fun - colouring in nail art, customise a jacket.  Too.  Much.  Joy. 




I LOVE this trend. You don’t have to be good at art, or spend a fortune and your mind does switch off. It’s actually quite lovely to do something silly and pretty just for the sake of it. Highly recommended for all! Now who wants to bring back the design-wheel?

My Wonderful World of Fashion starts at £10.39 – BUY HERE

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