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Feeling Unpretty


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So I’m aware that I bang on about my skin quite a lot and have posted before, and well, I’m about to do it again. However, this time I feel as though I’ve found something that has genuinely worked possibly ending my acne quest.

Before Christmas I was having a mare. My skin had gone from bad to worse, and I couldn’t stand to look at myself in the mirror. Partly why I shied away from blogging if I’m honest. I had zero motivation for anything.

Completely vain as it sounds, unless you’ve had acne, like proper inflamed, red and sore acne that is not only dry from the harsh chemicals your GP prescribes, but also oily so no amount of make-up you load on your face can cover it, acne. It’s the kind of acne too that just sits under your skin taunting you in hard, painful lumps with spots over spots.

All consuming, when family, friends or colleagues looked at me all I could think was, “shit, are they looking at my skin? They must think I’m hideous!” 

I didn’t even want my boyfriend seeing me without make-up. I’d literally jump into bed and face the other way until the light had been turned out.

Getting through Bare Minerals like nobody’s business, desperate was an understatement.

Going once more to my GP and trying not to cry while I begged to see a dermatologist, I was told the contraceptive pill was the only answer. On the pill since the age of 15, it took me two years since coming off the damn thing in 2012 to have a normal period. (Ten months to have a period at all, six months to bleed in a normal way, and eight months to finally get a regular cycle. I’d go from 17 days to 36, to 20, to now settling on 23.) It got to the point where I started to worry about my fertility in general.

Afraid to use it I refuse to believe, although my GP is so adamant, that the pill is ‘really quick’ at leaving your system. Calling bullshit on the whole thing, two years is an incredibly long time to get a normal cycle.

Anyway, on a particularly down day I started chatting to a great friend of mine in the States, and learned about something called Myo-inositol.  

Naturally found in the human body, and belonging to the vitamin B complex group.  Myo-inositol is from a family of nine different types of Inositol. Helping the body tell cells how to behave; it’s needed for proper brain and intestine function, as well as nerve growth.

Helping to remove fat from the heart and liver, Myo-inositol promotes healthy hair growth, prevents eczema and Psoriasis, lowers Cholesterol levels and said to help bipolar and panic disorders (although there isn’t as much evidence for this).

Also used by women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) to decrease testosterone, increase insulin sensitivity and improve ovulary function (something women with PCOS are deficient in). A PCOS sufferer herself, my friend was using a Myo-inositol supplement called Pregnitude to aid fertility as she underwent treatment to fall pregnant, (she had her beautiful baby girl in January) and suggested I look into Myo-inositol products.

Doing the same for acne, as acne and hirsutism is a side effect of PCOS; I thought I’d give it a go. If my friend could fall pregnant then I could most definitely defeat acne!

Adding half a teaspoon of Jarrow Inositol Powder to almost a pint of water, and taking Folic Acid too, for 12 weeks I’ve been sipping away and I regret it not one bit.


First noticing I wasn’t such an awful bitch the week before my period, I was calmer and happier. (My periods are now like clockwork. It sounds weird to say, but I’m so happy to have an actual period.)

Then the disgusting mash of acne all along my jaw line, chin and neck started to ease. When my cheeks looked better four weeks in, people started to notice and compliment me on how good my skin was looking. Feeling more confident, six weeks in all that was left on my cheeks were scars.

Now at 12 weeks, I have breakouts around my period and still have hard painful lumps that take forever to leave my chin. But I’m not so devastated about it, as overall my complexion is considerably better. In fact my skin has never looked as good as this without being on some prescription drug or another. (Feel like I’ve ploughed through every antibiotic and topical solution, cream and tonic there is.)

With a dermatology appointment finally coming through, I’m at odds as to what to do. What I’m doing seems to be working for me, but I also don’t want to cancel something I’ve waited so long for.

I have until May; however my best bet will be to go and take my pot of magic with me. I’m only sorry I don’t have before and after pictures, but I literally wanted to rip my own skin off, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

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