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That 70’s Vibe – Spring 2015’s hottest Beauty and Fashion Trend

Hands up if you loved Charlie’s Angels?

Not for the adventure and intricately-written storylines of depth and sensitivity (although they were, of course, important) but because of its stars, in particular golden-haired, gleaming toothed Farrah Fawcett.

Well that dear ones is what fashion and faces are all about this spring.  The 70’s are back and in a very big way indeed! 

Think flares, deeply bronzed skins (from a bottle, no sun-worshipping you alligator hand-bag faced wannabees), tangerine lips and tumbling, BIG golden manes. 

I want to tell you to scale back this look, but actually that isn’t the point.  This really is the time to go oversized.  Big, tortoiseshell glasses, chunky wedged sandals, massive leather handbags and lashings of ‘scara and liner – all perfect! 

Before you moan about wear-ability for the over twenty-ones, the key to this look is polish.  Glossy nails, artful hair, crisp white shirts tucked into your flares.  Looking tidy is always wearable for any size or age. 

To help you out, we have put together a brief guide to getting the look super-easily.  Now get those finger-guns in the air…..

The Flares:

Think straight legs, with a wide flare (narrow flares are just bootcut jeans – not the same at all). Flat-front if possible and mid-rise to high-rise.  This is not the 90’s, you are not Christina Aguilera,  if you can see hip bone or muffin-top, stop right there.

We love a classic pair of J Brand Jeans in Ashbury - shipped straight from the USA.  

The Tan:

From a bottle!  New formulations are seriously amazing and difficult to mess up.  Try perennial favourites St Tropez or Vita-Liberatta which claims to last up to 3 weeks!

vita liberatta phenomenal 3 week tanner

Just scrub, scrub, scrub first to avoid patches and look for the brown lines when you are applying, not just the white ones – those are the streaks in waiting!

The Look:

An easy one this.  Concealer, bronzer dusted over where you get a tan and mountains of highlighter where your features hit the light.  Smudgy kohl, thick lashings of mascara and a little trick for the lips.  Use a bright red on your top lip and a very slightly lighter one on the bottom lip – et voila, fuller lips in an instant!


The Shirt:

It’s gotta be crisp, but any colour goes. Jewel tones look amazing on all tones of skin, but no creases.  If you can’t be arsed to iron (that’ll be me then) get a casual wrap-over shirt instead. And no underwear lines – match it up peoples!!

The Hair:

If you don’t have naturally luscious locks now is the time to love clip-in extensions.  Also, CoLabs dry shampoo is wicked for a good invisible root-boost(and a bargain at 1.99).  Spray, backcomb, and shake it about – think ‘artful-bedhead’. 

And there you have it…… Good morning angels…    

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