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Sweet Dreams are Made of This..

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“You are never too old to set a new goal or dream another dream’

CS Lewis

We all need dreams.  When it is Monday morning and pissing it down, the kids have been weasels and the clients are clamouring, I switch off and mentally plan the books I will one day be famed for.

You might want to paint, shake it like J LO or be a world-renowned slug farmer – whatever it is that gets you through life’s little mundanities, your dreams are a big part of who you are and absolutely deserve to be honoured. 

Your dreams make you beautiful, successful, and fabulous. They are what make you special.

This belief on my part is why I love this month’s My Little Box Company offering, The My Little Dream Box.

my little dream box april 2015

Packed as always with the sort of gems the French box company are now known for the box starts with the usual attention to detail in the form of it’s gorgeous illustrations (6 months and I have never thrown one away)…

The usual picture has this month been replace with a card shaped like a cloud (not as twee as it sounds) with a quote from Walt Disney, the dream master himself. And this is where the box gets special.

On the back of the box is a web address where you can input one big dream, which will then be emailed back to you in one year.  That is genius for two reasons.  Firstly, how lovely and secondly – how clever of their marketers to delight potentially lapsed customers in twelve months, for free.  My inner ‘comms professional is doing a happy dance.

my little dream box april 2015 2

A pretty little choker in my favourite coral is next up and the cutest EVER little stamp with ten options to cheer and encourage every day.

You get three beauty products as always. 

A perfume stick from French perfume house Sabe Mason  that smells delightful, sort of woody, like you just got out of the shower, clean and ready to dream anew.

A full sized hair masque (SO needed for my newly bleached ends at the moment) from Little Box’s own range

lip gloss

The most GORGEOUS red lip balm in a pot from the Loved by Lou Lessange Range. 

This has the sheerest, freshest texture ever but it’s buildable so you can go from bitten too bright in a couple of layers and it SCREAMS ‘Paris the morning after’.

The magazine hides the final surprise.  Instead of the usual glossy feast, it folds into a full sized fashion poster (the background in these pics). 

I am not sure if hubz will ever let me put it up in the house but when my ‘shed-quarters’ are built, it is first on the wall of joy.

my little box april 2015 - my little dream box


What can I say.  Less a box for beauty junkies his is a box for big girls who never (want to) grow up.  It makes me happy every time it arrives, is luxe and delivers delight…what more can you ask for.

My Little Box is available here from £11 per month plus P & P.  They claim each box is worth £65 – I would definitely agree

P.S. My dream was to finish off that first book and find a publisher. We would LOVE to hear yours as well on our Facebook page

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