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The cheap and cheerful spa treats ‘N’yone can enjoy

nspa candle and body scrub

Almost all self-employed people will tell you that this time of year is one the two big ‘skint’ moments as payments on account are due.  So, it is always around now that I start to scale back my budget and look for goodies that won’t break the bank, or irritate the accountant.

Enter ‘affordable-indulgence’ brand NSpa.

Originally a spa brand, the company launched a range of body and homecare products into ASDA.  ‘So far, so un-glamourous’ I hear you say.  Hold on a tic.  I too rarely purchase cosmetics alongside my farm-reared chicken and mild cheddar cheese, however this range deserves a little more credit.

I bought a Jojoba and White Jasmine luxury scented candle and a scrub.  Both fairly easy to make, both fairly easy to be horribly cheap and crap. 

We aren’t talking ‘Jo Malone’ hear but the candle wasn’t bad.  The scent was very light, I do prefer something stronger, but the burn time was around 18 hours for a candle costing £3.99. 

Can’t really argue – it did a few good nights of garden sitting with the other half and I was pleased with that.  No smoky blackness and an even burn.  Good job!

NSPA at asda body scrub

The scrub is actually very good.  A devotee of sugar scrubs, I normally like a rub-down akin to a dousing with petrol, but this slightly more gentle scrub did a decent number of levelling my ropey bits and it smells delicious!

Made with Rosehip and Jojoba Oil, and apparently infused with essential oil of Sandalwood and White Jasmine Extract to indulge the body and mind, you get a very generous 200ml of product for again £3.99.


Given that I got both for £7, leaving enough moolah for a bar of chocolate and a mini bottle of Blossom Hill (I know, classy bird me) I was pretty gosh-darn chuffed with my super-market sensations!

(P.S. after I wrote this blog I also bought two body spritzes, two body butters, a foot scrub, another candle and some bubble bath.  My tax man will not be happy. But I smell BLOOMING MARVELLOUS. Oh well).

Buy NSPA exclusively at ASDA 

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