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Raise one brow for Look Good Feel Better

raise one brow

(why yes, I do look ridiculous, thank you for noticing)

You know the ALS ice-bucket challenge? I hated it. Refused to do it full stop, found the whole thing massively irritating and ignored every nomination I got (12 to be precise).

The same went for no-makeup selfies (show-offs), boob selfies (numpties) and anything else that EVERYONE ELSE simply had to do. The idea of nominating someone to do something without their permission frankly grated on me. I didn’t see the ‘awareness’, just a lot of people desperate to show off and jump on the band wagon.

I was wrong.

Yes, a lot of the people who join in are show offs, but if you factor in the donation element, a huge amount of good can be done by people showing off. A year ago, no one knew what the ALS challenge was. By the end of last September over 100 million pound had been raised and EVERYONE knew what ALS was.

Yes, there is an amount of exhibitionism. But in a world where millions of equally important causes jostle shoulder to shoulder for airtime, and the world is facing some very dark times indeed, is a bit of funny exhibitionism to do some good really that awful? Nope.

Despite my mind change though, when a client first asked me to get involved in their own awareness venture I groaned inwardly. So many people are doing it now, how on earth would we manage to make it stand out – charity fatigue is a thing. A big thing.

The campaign is so worthwhile. The idea is to get everyone doing something a little silly, trying to raise an eyebrow, to help raise awareness for Look Good Feel Better. If you don’t know who they are, Look Good Feel Better help women with cancer look like themselves again.  

It might sound like a small thing but when you are facing the battle of your lives, a slick of lippie and looking in the mirror to see the person you know can make a damned big difference to both your mind set and your ability to cope. We beauty bloggers know that better then anyone - giving up evenings and weekends to write for free about makeup is a big investment.  We do it because we know its power runs far deeper then the skin. 

Even with the ‘worthwhile’ element, most of you know me, so you know I have never had cancer. Why would I give a shxt about doing this when ALS and all the other challenges didn’t impact me in the slightest?

I didn’t have to do it. I’m freelance and can refuse any project I like – the client would have been disappointed but if I explained my reasons she would have accepted it.

It’s not for money. The vast majority of the work on this project has been done over and above my clients paid for time. I and the rest of the team working all hours on this project are doing so because we want to, not for financial gain.

It’s because recently I really learned just how horrible cancer is. How close to home it comes and how none of us, not one, will be immune from its devastating effects.

I learned this because in March my mother was one of 50'000 women who will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year.

My mum is one of the ‘lucky’ ones. Caught extremely early, she ‘only’ had to have it removed and radiotherapy but let me tell you that is no walk in the park.

It’s her cancer and I refuse to detail her story, suffice it to say if she is the ‘lucky’ one I can’t even begin to get my head around the difficulties faced by the unlucky ones.

I’m going to have to give you a few facts though, because this project doesn’t make sense without them.

Fifty percent of you reading this article will get cancer at some level. The other fifty percent of you will be the people dealing with the person getting cancer at some level. One hundred percent of you reading this article, every single one of you, will experience cancer.

If it was your mum, sister, daughter, nan (and sadly it will be at some time) wouldn’t you want every tool in the world made available to them to help them cope? I bloody well do.

Treatment, medication, appointments, surgery. They are all the things that will save your relatives life. Feeling strong, feeling loved, feeling like herself? They are what will save her.

THAT is why I chose to do this project, despite early reservations. Its why I chose to write this blog, even though it is very different for me to talk either about my private life, or my work here, preferring to keep both separate from this most light hearted of ventures. I did it because it matters.

THAT is why this weekend, I am not asking, I am begging. Please take one minute to raise your brow, take a photo or video selfie and post it on social media with the tag #raise1brow and donate a quid by texting ‘BROW10’ to 70070. Oh and nominate three of your mates to do the same.

I am probably going to tag everyone. Call me a hypocrite, call me a pain, mutter whatever you like when you see it on your feed, but raise your bloody brow anyway.



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