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Why I LOVE budget beauty, and an amazing supermarket find!

bd trade secret highlighter

Now, I am the first to admit that for me, there is no pleasure in life finer than the purchase of a luxe lippie or ‘spendy’ skincare. 

The kind that has packaging weightier than a car, which automatically goes on display when the guests turn up, whilst your packs of Olay get hidden away. 

But I think it’s important that as buyers we don’t confuse the experience of buying and owning high-end products, with their efficacy when compared to less expensive competitors.

In this day and age, the formulations of makeup ranges like Make Up Revolution, Kiko and Zoeva easily match those by Chanel, MAC and Bobbi Brown. 

In fact, I take a perverse pleasure when asked where my eyeshadow or lipstick is from, in confessing that is a bargain basement find rather than a department store wallet killer. It’s one of the reasons you often find more ‘cheap’ reviews on this blog then expensive.

 As far as I am concerned if you spend £50 on an eyeshadow it bloody well should work – how much more interesting though to find something of similar quality for a tenner? 

bd highlighter

And let’s be honest, how many women really have that sort of budget kicking around to drop every time a beauty blogger decides to drop another ‘must-have-it’ mention?

I believe that there is simply no reason why any woman can’t find great cosmetics that wear well, regardless of her bank balance, and my job is to let you know the best products I find – if they are a bargain as well mores the better.

That said, though, I still don’t love buying from Supermarkets.  I find mixing my mascara with my meat an off-putting experience as a rule.  This might have to change.

I was doing my bi-weekly procrastination browse at Tesco (it’s a self-employed thing, a wander round the apples and pears eases my loneliness – sob) when I came across this little beauty.

Prettier than a punnet of peaches (I’ll stop with the puns now), this blended illuminator comes from their own ‘BD Trade Secrets’ range.  BD stands for Barbara Daly, an artist who was a major name in beauty in the 80’s and 90’s (in fact one of my most prized makeup books was by her) and if this powder is anything to go by I can see why.

bd radiant bronze dream shimmer highlighter

Four shades, all quite highly pigmented with a great payoff and extremely smooth blend ability, that can either be buffed over your face as a whole, or used individually. 

Often these powders are insanely sparkly which is not great for a day time or for older skins, but this has a nice radiance rather than a tacky glitter. 

The packaging is quite heavy and looks great on the stand but it does mark and scratch quickly. The mirror is a decent size though which is great.

For mid to olive and darker skins this is a great buy.  If you are fair skinned, I would pick something a little softer and maybe with pink tones – at this time of year, this will look harsh.


I can’t say this is a ‘covety’product.  I wouldn’t be getting it out in Taxi’s to show my beauty creds but it is a damned good product, that does what it is meant to, for a great price. 

It’s not ‘fashionable’ but if a product works, why spend more than you have to? They have some surprisingly lovely shoes in there that I DON’T mind sticking in the same trolley as my slap that I can spend my savings on – bonus!

BD Trade Secrets Dream Shimmer Highlighter, £6.99 Tesco

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