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6 Quick Ways to Fake a Glow, for (KNACKERED) Women On the Go


It’s official.  I am completely, utterly, un-remittingly KNACKERED.

My youngest son has chicken pox, and they’re everywhere.  My eldest is a pre-teen.  Nuff said.  I have the spring-flu*.  My house is a dive, my diet is failing and I seem to be spending my working life running from one crisis to another.  And every, single bit of it shows right where none of us wants it to.

On my face. Yay.

OK, so at 33, I don’t expect to look like a fresh-faced vixen every day but at the moment, my grey tones, nose acne, frown lines and puffy eye-bags are leaving me looking more zombie than foxie.  Not the look I go for as a rule.  

SO, in a spare bit of time (ha ha ha) I’ve done some research into the BEST ways to look like you’ve slept, eat well and are not so worn-down the DVLA could take you in for being too flat to be out on the roads safely.

pixi glow pads

1.       Have a quick peel:

No, I don’t mean a scary peel like Samantha Jones in SATC, leaving you raw and scaring small children.  The new formulas are light and effective, as well as suitable for use at home leaving your skin refreshed and bright.

They usually contain a percentage of Glycolic Acid – look for around 5 – 20%.  This is NOT the answer for sensitivity btw but it IS very effective.  It works by sloughing off dead skin cells, leaving the newer, fresher ones exposed.  It does tingle a bit and you MUST wear sunblock the next day but it is really effective.

Pixi Skin treats Glow Pads with 20% Glycolic Acid and Rosewater are quite lovely.  Available for £24 from Cult Beauty, you literally just sweep it over your face at night, leave for a couple of minutes then rinse and go.  It smells nice and I genuinely looked a bit less ‘dead’ the next day!

2.       Add a glow tonic:

Yes, yes, I know a good diet is critical to looking and feeling well but have you TRIED to create Helmsley and Helmsley standard goodies when you are struggling to find time to pee?

Enter the magic of health in a bottle.  Alright so it isn’t a long term answer and the jury is out on how effective it really is, but in the short term, supplementing a weak diet with additional nutrients will not harm you and can be beneficial for those (like me) struggling to maintain balance.

Dieticians suggest that supplements containing omega-three fatty acids, vitamin c and zinc are most effective in combatting dull and tired skin.  I found Fountain | The Glow Molecule, available for £38 from Look Fantastic.

I am a bit cynical about health drinks, but I have to say, this one tasted nice and I did feel a lift for a few hours after each dose! My skin and hair look a little better too so results are being seen!

3.       Conceal cleverly:

You know those radiance pens you can buy that you sweep along under your eyes?  That is NOT how you are meant to do it.  Instead, put some on the skin under your puffiness, instead of ON your puffiness, and blend well – instant balance!

4.        Glow, don’t shimmer:

You know what really, REALLY looks awful on tired, slightly lined skin in daylight?  Glitter.  NOTHING looks less natural, and more ageing than a ton of glitter on a grey skin. I don’t just mean disco style glitter either.  Mica, the ingredient that makes your beauty products shimmer, can look glittery in daylight and is really harsh.

Instead, look for radiance products that reflect light and plump skin and mix them with a foundation for a natural look.  I am more than a bit in love with Studio 10 Beauty’s Instant Lift Glow-Plexion, £24 at Cult Beauty.

 I get it as part of work and seriously, it’s now my desert island staple.  Instant skin perfection (and if you don’t believe me ask the A-List – they cannot get enough of the stuff!

 Mega tip – add a dab to the end of your nose – it lifts the whole face and creates the whole ‘slim and fresh’ look everyone loves.

5.       Moisturise.  A lot.

Skin that is exhausted has to work really, really hard and, as a result, cell turnover slows.  Moisturising top to toe with a nice smelling moisturiser twice a day, every day, will not only help cell regeneration if you get an ‘aromatherapeautic’ (or even just nice ‘scenty’ one) I find it helps lift the crappy mood that follows no sleep and too much stress.

P.S. the twice a day trick was shared with me by a model friend who swore by it for creating those dewy limbs you see in magazines – as a result my face looks like a bag of bones but my skin is as soft as a baby’s.  Do it, it works!

6.  Have Sex

Please don’t hate me, I know it’s probably the last thing you feel like doing when your shot to shxt but it’s true.  Sex increases blood flow to the face, as well as boosting mood-improving endorphins.   And let’s be honest.  If you’re married with kids, you’ve mastered the three minute miracle years ago…..

My current obsession is Rituals Honey Touch Rich Moisture cream, £15.30 from John Lewis.

*yes it is probably actually a cold, no, I don’t actually care if I sound like a wimp.  Or a man.  Sniff.

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