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50 best FREE Ways to Spoil Your Mum This Mother's Day

I’m a mum. Don’t get me wrong, I love being spoiled but I don’t actually love expensive gifts and presents on mum’s day.  I’m very much a ‘handmade gift and extra sleep’ kind of girl, and so are lots of my friends.

So instead of spending a fortune on one day, here is our definitive list of ‘mum-treats’ to keep her happy on Sunday (and all year round, because, hello, it’s your mum!).

  1. Wash the dishes (properly)
  2. Then dry them
  3. And put. Them. Away.
  4. Do the ironing (don’t get caught burning things)
  5. Let her sleep in
  6. Take her for breakfast
  7. Or make it
  8. On a tray with a flower.
  9. Tell her she is beautiful and mean it
  10. Write her a letter detailing the 10 things you love most about her
  11. Frame a photo of you both
  12. Tell her you love her
  13. Buy her a packet of seeds for the garden
  14. Run her a bath, and PACK IT WITH BUBBLES
  15. Make her dinner
  16. Or a cake
  17. Or cookies (there is a theme here)
  18. Draw her a picture
  19. Give her a foot rub
  20. Put the rubbish out
  21. Mow the lawn and pull out weeds (NOTE: NOT her prized flowers.  Not cool).
  22. Make time to go through all the photo albums she loves so much
  23. Play a board game.  Let her win
  24. Don’t correct her for a whole day
  25. Leave her alone to read for A WHOLE HOUR
  26. Make the bed. Hers and yours
  27. Go for a walk with her
  28. Make Mondays packed lunches all by yourself
  29. Clean her car
  30. Give her a cuddle.  Or 75
  31. Don’t insist on watching match of the day all day. Or Frozen
  32. Take silly pictures in one of those old school photo booths. Pin them up.
  33. Remind her of when you were little – all the things you loved
  34. Phone her and ask about HER day
  35. Make her a cocktail – there is a great list on Social and Cocktail
  36. Don’t cheat at cards
  37. Set up a cinema date…at home!  Cushions, cola, close the curtains et voila!
  38. Write a ton of compliments on post-its – stick ‘em everywhere, then give her a little jar to save them in forever as she finds them
  39. Walk the dog, feet the cat, don’t kill the fish
  40. Hoover the house
  41. Go to the shop for her
  42. Make a collage of your favourite pics of you both and save it to her phones screensaver
  43. Spend a couple of hours learning her favourite skill, or teaching her yours
  44. Make her a Spotify or Itunes playlist of all the songs that make you think of her
  45. Don’t eat her chocolates
  46. Make her tea – the nice way, on a tray with pretty cups and ‘biccies
  47. Take her to see HER mum
  48. DON’T argue with your siblings.  Avoid them if necessary but no rows
  49. Light some pretty candles for her
  50. If your kids are young get them to do her some sort of show – most will love coming up with a little dance, song or poem for mum
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