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Everything's Coming Up Rosie

love rosie makeup

Who doesn’t want to look like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley?  Those lips, that skin, the hair.  We are in serious girl-crush territory with this one. 

Unfortunately, I can’t promise to make you look like her, but I have been testing her eponymous range, Love Rosie, designed to give you her look.

The range is a colour range (so consists of a base range and a number of shadows, lipsticks etc.) and is designed to be super-wearable and very, very luxe, interesting when you realise it has been made to be distributed by Marks and Spencer’s.

The packaging is fairly lovely.  If there was a colour of 2015, it would definitely be Rose-gold, and the range plays on this with its outer casing.  The rose logo stamped into the products also gives a pleasing feeling that quite some care has gone into the design of the range. This is a range you could use on the tube and not be embarrassed (pretty much our highest accolade right now).

It does heavily echo Charlotte Tilbury, which is a bit of a double edged sword. Imitation being the sincerest form of flattery and all that, but it rather sets itself up for very high standards to achieve with the products themselves.

love rosie feel like a million dollars quad

The price point is quite high and I’m not a huge fan of buying a whole stack of products untested, so I tried the extremely pretty eyeshadow quad in I Feel Like a Million Dollars (because I’m a sucker for a nude/bronze collection) and the Liquid Eyeliner in Intense Black.

I must say the eyeshadows are a delight (as you might expect for £18).  Soft and blendable, the payoff is great and they last on even my seemingly liquid eyes for a good four hours plus – more when I remember to use an eye-primer (a must by the way).

The deep brown is a beautiful definer colour for taking the other three from day-to-night and actually works well as a liner too. The mid-tones are pretty and flattering. I especially like the pinkie-gold colour for daytime with a matte shadow. 

If you want to turn it up, Use that all over the socket and just over the socket line and blend into the gold for serious impact, with a dot of the very flattering pearly white in the corner of the eye to look super wide-awake.

love rosie liquid eyeliner

The liner I don’t love as much.  At £14 it is high price when you consider that Eyeko’s skinny liner, my other favourite is between £11 - £13.  The colour is nice, but not as inky black as I like my liner.  

The pen nib is quite good – fairly fine at the point but if you are a novice liner user I would get the gel-liner instead. It requires a fairly steady hand and some patience to get a solid block of colour with this liner and unless you fancy redoing your make-up repeatedly (or getting the ‘my eyeliner didn’t work Winehouse look), it might be better to practise with something less pricey.


That being said, it does last reasonably well and didn’t crack for about six hours which isn’t bad!


I like it enough to want to try the base products (they have a contour chubby that looks great) so I do like it – it’s slightly ‘spendy’ and I’m not sure that liner certainly warrants the price tag, but the shadows absolutely do and I will be adding to my collection very soon!

Buy Rosie Loves for Autograph from Marks and Spencer’s here

P.S. the beautiful Lisa Eldridge did a very lovely how-to with these products.  Have a go here – you won’t regret it!

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