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The BEST lipstick EVER!

I’ve found the perfect lipstick!  It exists, it really does!



I got a pack of Two Faced’s melted lipstick in a sample box a while back and assuming it was a gloss, I didn’t really bother to look at it.  It is also BRIGHT (so bright it absolutely warrants the use of caps) and I have to be in the mood for a very BRIGHT lippie so I left it to sit.

In a rush on Monday morning, I couldn’t find my usual staple and thought I’d give it a go (in other words I couldn’t be arsed to spend hours on eyeshadow and I’m a firm believe a BRIGHT lip is a lazy girls best shortcut to instant polish).

You apply it with the little sponge applicator it comes with.  I was a wee bit worried it may not be a very precise application which is a nightmare when you are using a BRIGHT colour.  I needn’t have troubled my head.  It applies like a dream. 

The consistency is neither lipstick, which I find feels to ‘done’, nor lip gloss, which is irritating as hell for girls with flyaway hair like me, nor even lip stain.  Instead, it manages to take the best elements of all three and creates a balmy, super-intense colour that I promise you glides on. 

This lipstick also really lasts.  I tested it by kissing my sons and husband on the cheek many, many times throughout the day and they couldn’t get it off either.  Interestingly, though, it’s never drying like so many budge-proof formulas. 

My lips felt nourished. Nor did it do that awful thing of gravitating to the edges of your mouth, leaving a bright pink ‘porn’ ring.  It faded gently after about six hours. 

TIP: I’ve since tested it with a gloss over – works just as well and looks SERIOUSLY va-va VOOM.


It’s not often that I am completely and totally sold on a product so much but this is now my favourite lipstick for summer 2016.  I think it’s probably great at any age but especially with more mature lips needing a little more moisture, I think this might be THE BEST lipstick for 30+ women EVER.

Too Faced Melted Lipstick, available here from £19

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