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Dry Hair BEGONE - UNITE is Here to Save the Day

Whether it’s bleached white, over processed through daily styling, frizzy or hormonal, dry hair can be a pain in the ponytail for loads of us.

Once upon a time, if your hair was splitting, course or permanently frizzy, you’d be told to have it cut and that’d be the end of it.

Not anymore.  I have very bleached hair.  I didn’t mean to but about a year ago, I started with a few highlights, then a few more and now its white.  Like J’Law white.  I absolutely love it, but because it’s also very fine it does snap and break and I was seriously wondering whether I’d have to dye it brown again, or cut it. 


I’ve been introduced to the simply brilliant professional UNITE hair range, in particular the U Argan Oil. 

Up until now, I’ve avoided hair oils.  They tend to leave me with limp locks and I assumed this would do the same.  NOPE (DOUBLE HURRAH).  Simply apply a couple of drops to the hair – absolutely no more than that as it goes a very long way – and either leave to dry naturally or blow dry it and I promise you, you can forget the frizz.

It’s made to work with thermal stylers, protecting the hair and shortening how long you need to dry for according to the website and I’d second that.

The smell isn’t overwhelming, which I hate in hair products and even on my very processed hair, the shine is extraordinary.

It also doesn’t have parabens.  If you have problem hair, you’ll already know that product build up through parabens means a very big hair problem is being stored up.  This doesn’t leave any residue at all. 

The effects last about 24-Hours, and you can still style the hair without it being too ‘slippy’, so I’d call this a bit of a dream.

The same range has a leave in spray called 7SECONDS Condition which is fab if you are swimming or have tangly hair for getting through without making it greasy.


We are officially fans!

You can get it in Salons or at Urban Retreat online for £31 – which believe me is a bargain!

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